Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Why they 'Need' to Kill the 'Special' Idea Off

The 'everyone is special' revolution may be good for everyone on paper, but as with all revolutions that have come before, there are people who stand to lose out, or feel they stand to lose out. As a result, there are people who are going to push back against it. This time, we do have quite a challenge: part of those pushing back are loaded up with money, and are busily pouring their unlimited buckets of cold water on our generation.

Some old style bosses may feel that if everyone feels special, then nobody is going to be doing the menial jobs that need being done. They feel that our generation has a 'sense of entitlement' and is therefore not willing to do the unglamourous work. But anybody from our generation will recognise this as a straw man. Most of our generation is more than willing to work hard. It is because of our feeling of specialness that we are willing to work harder than previous generations. We do feel we have special work to do in life, but we don't feel particularly 'entitled' to anything.

Another group is those who just fear any major social change and put up their resistance accordingly. But resistance to social change is always futile - think the end of bans on interracial marriage, gender equality, computers, the internet, gay rights. The resisting side has lost every time. And that has been good for us - if they had won we would have missed out on major progress every time. Being on the wrong side of history just because you fear change is always misguided.

Yet another group are those who are sincere about solving the problem of the quarter life crisis, but have gone about it in the wrong way. They think that we must have our high ambitions and endless but yet unfulfilled dreams stripped away from us so that we can live normal lives like generations that came before us. And at the core of our ambitions and dreams is this feeling of specialness. Therefore, they feel that they must undo our 'everyone is special' upbringing.

In conclusion, those who want to kill off the 'everyone is special' revolution are all misguided people. However, that doesn't change the fact that they keep putting out their discouraging messages, blaming the educators for teaching us this way, blaming our parents for bringing us up this way, as if they could put the genie back in the bottle. And since they continue to be misguided and act accordingly, we need to protect the flame of hope that came from our special knowledge - that we are special - from these constant buckets of cold water.

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