Monday, February 17, 2014

"I Have a Degree"

By Natalie K

Today I met up with my friend, let's call her Courtney. Courtney and I are in a very similar situation: we are both unemployed, and we both have a degree. And we both know several more people in the same situation too.

Several years ago, we thought this wouldn't happen to us. After all, we both did well enough in college. We knew that some people get unemployed after they graduate, but it wasn't going to happen to us, right? Our parents both went to college (a less common thing back then) and after graduation they all got employed straight away. Surely some things have changed, but it should still be this way for the majority of graduates right? Apparently things have REALLY changed.

Courtney recently applied for a job which did not even require a college degree (she is still waiting for a reply on that one). At the interviews, she told me, there was an applicant who kept saying how the job should be hers because she "got a degree" unlike the other applicants. Besides her obnoxious attitude, the reality is probably that most other applicants also have a degree. You may be applying to be underutilised, but there is nothing special about your plight nowadays.

It's not our fault, really. It's the system's fault. But it doesn't hurt any less.

I guess nowadays everyone in their 20s get underutilised, and we just have to wait it out. Meanwhile, let's forget about how we're being treated by 'the market' because life is too short to worry like that. There are much better things in life to look forward to, like good music and good food, which doesn't have to be expensive either. You get to enjoy these things no matter if you have a job or not, just like you get to experience unemployment no matter if you "have a degree" or not.

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