Friday, January 31, 2014

The Dream Forum: What Do Our Authors Want Out of Life?

TaraElla: I want my ideas and music to touch others' lives. I want people to read my ideas, think about them, maybe come back to them later when they need them again. I want people to hear my music, and be able to come back to it whenever they want to. I certainly have been touched by others' ideas and music, and sometimes when life gets dark, I know what the spark of an idea or the sound of some particular music can do. (Luckily, there's this thing called the internet, where we can find whatever we want to when we need it. It certainly did help me reconnect with some earlier days when I desparately needed to do so.)

Rosie: I want to write a great novel, hopefully a series. I want it to change people's lives. Just changing one life for the better would be great. Other than that, I just want a good life, with friends and family.

Amanda J: I want to leave my mark on the world but don't know what it is yet. Other than that, I am very conventional - I want that promotion, I want that pay rise, I want that beautiful home, I want a husband and family. But if I miss any of those things, it won't be a great deal. I have learnt that life is much bigger than our immediate desires.

Natalie K: I was a happy girl growing up. I just want the future to be like the past - happy, with not much to worry about. I don't really care about the other details.