Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Quarter Life: Dreams and Aspirations at a Crossroads

Quarter Lifers are truly at a crossroads when it comes to their dreams and aspirations. Although they are told to give it up in various not so subtle ways, part of them wants to hang on. They often try to be more 'practical' with their outlook in life, but then they really don't feel like doing that after all. Often it is trying to force themselves to be 'practical' and stop chasing their dreams that trigger a full blown quarter life crisis.

Often, the very 'choices' to be made in a quarter life crisis have something to do with continuing to chase your dreams vs completely stopping doing that altogether. If you are having or have had a quarter life crisis, examine the life choices you are having difficulty with. There's a good chance that they relate to this very idea.

In fact, I believe this basic conflict is at the centre of most of the dilemmas arising out of a quarter life crisis.

I personally have had a quarter life crisis at some point in my life (earlier than usual), and I have come through it concluding that keeping your dreams alive is important, not just for now, but for your future too. I have also concluded that most of the factors pulling quarter lifers away from chasing their dreams are only illusions. I will deal with most of them in this book.

If it is your decision to give up on your dreams, then I am one to respect it. But I think that's a very sad outcome.

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