Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Symptoms of a Quarter Life Crisis

The symptoms of a quarter life crisis can vary a lot. Symptoms often include a feeling that life isn't turning out right, a fear of the future because life doesn't seem right there either, a fear of one's mortality and failing in one's life (which usually sounds crazy to older adults), indecision about life choices, a general feeling that things aren't right, and sometimes a crisis in self identity and self esteem.

Broadly speaking, the following are all potential symptoms of a quarter life crisis:

Insecurity about one's life decisions
Envy of other's lives
Dissatisfaction with current life, job, relationship and/or friendships
A feeling of being a failure in life
A feeling that life isn't what it should be
Severe and recurrent nostalgia
Feeling lost
Feeling trapped
Severe indecisiveness about almost everything
A feeling that something isn't right in life, even though everything is right in theory
Budget management issues
Wanting to just escape it all and do some crazy things
Frequent changes in jobs, residence and/or relationships
Crises about religion and spirituality

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